#02-1307 Arm type Blood Pressure Monito
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Amy Li

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Display: LCD.Size:45*64mm
·Seosor: Capcitive Sensor
·Memory: 2x60, 2x99, 2x120 sets optinal
·Measure Range: 20-300mmHg (Pressure); 30-200 beats/min (Pulse Rate)
·Accuracy: ±3mmHg(Pressure); ±5%(Pulse Rate)
·One-touch to get result & 3 minute automatic power-off
·WHO Indication 
·Arrythmia (Irregular Heart Beat) Detection
·Average data of the latest 3 measuremnets
·Automatic pressurization using a micropump 
·Inflation:Intellisense (exactly same as Omron's BPM)
·Deflation:Automatic Release Solenoid value
·Alkaline battery "AA"×4 6V DC
·Cuff Size: 32 cm
·Different colours of panel available